EYS SAAT AŞ has been a senior manager in the leading brands of the watch industry for many years and its founding partners have a large marketing dealer network portfolio, MULCO WATCHES, which was the extraordinary design watch brand of America in 2014. It is also the first and only leading brand in Germany. The titanium brand BOCCIA TITANIUM watches were introduced with brand distributions with different technical features.

In 2015, PACOMARINE started the design and production process of its own registered brand PACOMARINE with its 100% domestic capital in line with the developing customer network and demands.

Since 2016, PACOMARINE has brought its consumers together with its quality, innovative designs and reasonable price motto.

With its industrial experience and strong capital structure, it is taking firm steps towards becoming an international brand. Pacomarine is composed of seven special concepts in different categories in order to meet the demands and expectations of the customers at socio-economic levels and also design and production under the control of its own wide and high quality dealers throughout the country through the end user offers.

EYS SAAT AŞ continues to provide marketing and technical services for its brands.

In the dealer and after-sales services network, the primary goal is customer satisfaction. Using its experience as a road map, EYS Saat is open to innovations, researches  and adherance to the principlesaims and targets continues decisively. In the national and international arena, it is taking firm steps towards becoming a reliable brand.